The waiting list for adult therapy in Leeds is open – please read the important information below.

Solace is open to receiving new referrals for Asylum Seekers and Refugees living in Leeds, over the age of 17.

However, our capacity is limited and the demand for the service consistently exceeds capacity.  This means that we will assess every referral prior to accepting it against the possibility of them being seen within a reasonable timeframe. 

Please help us to make this assessment by including as much detail as possible about the following in your referral:

  • The Mental Health difficulties they are experiencing
  • Physical difficulties including, underlying illnesses, bodily pain and headaches as appropriate
  • Immigration Status
  • Your contact details including email address as the referrer
  • Confirmation that the person being referred agrees to the referral and consents to us contacting them directly
  • Understand we will need to liaise with you in order to process the referral

If the person can benefit from an alternative therapeutic service, then we will liaise with you to discuss making an appropriate referral.  Our aim is to make sure that as many people get help in a timely manner as possible, avoiding long periods of time on waiting lists with no support.   If you would like to discuss someone who you would like to refer prior to making a referral, please contact Sarah Blossom on 07484738132 or email sarah@solace-uk.org.uk

Make your online referral here

In addition, we are open for, and welcome, referrals into our Children and Families Wellbeing Project, and Connecting Opportunities project. Click the links for eligibility and information.

Outside Leeds, we can accept referrals from Bradford and South Yorkshire & Sheffield. See referral pages for each region.