UK Resettlement

The UK government has committed to providing a safe and legal route for the most vulnerable refugees to come to the UK.  The UK Government works in partnership with UNHCR to identify those most at risk in refugee camps in war torn areas throughout the world, and to provide them with the means to settle in the UK.  

This is not an easy solution for most of the refugees who arrive via this route.  They face considerable culture shock as well as having to cope with whatever horrors they experienced before they came to the UK.  Most are chosen because they are particularly at risk, often because they or their children have significant disabilities, or they are facing a specific danger. Two thirds of resettled refugees have been tortured.

Solace is commissioned to provide support to refugees arriving in the region via the Resettlement Scheme.  We do this in different ways in different areas, and in addition to our work with adults we also offer family and children’s therapy through our Child and Family Wellbeing Project

You can refer to the adult service HERE and the Child and Family project HERE.

We are usually able to arrange an appointment within a few weeks, and until we are able to meet face to face our work is delivered online via zoom.  As with all our services, we provide interpreters when needed, most of whom have worked with Solace for a long time and have benefitted from our training around working in a mental health setting.