Training, Supervision and Consultancy

Supporting refugees and asylum seekers in the UK can be a challenge in whatever capacity you are working in, whether as a volunteer, solicitor or counsellor.  The difficult circumstances that many have escaped from along with multiple losses and adjusting to a new culture with its complex infrastructure can be overwhelming. Solace is able to offer a range of training, supervision and consultancy services, which can be tailored to the needs of organization. You can choose from one of the Solace training modules or we can offer a bespoke training package ranging from several hours to several days.

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General Training Modules 

  • Working with Interpreters in a mental Health Setting
  • Supporting refugees and asylum seekers with mental health difficulties
  • Working with interpreters
  • Understanding Stress, Trauma and Vicarious Trauma
  • Self-care for support staff working with asylum seekers and refugees. 

For Mental Health Professionals

  • Adapting your mental health practice to the needs of refugees and asylum seekers
  • Effective psychological therapeutic practice with refugees and asylum seekers
  • Therapeutic work with complex trauma.
  • Family therapy with refugee families
  • Therapeutic practice with refugee children and  young people
  • Working with Interpreters in a mental Health Setting

For Schools and Educational Staff

  • Enabling schools and colleges to support refugee children and young people


We recognise that changing the way you work and building up a body of expertise takes more than a few days training. We can help you to:

  • Review and build on the progress you have made since training
  • Establish appropriate protocols
  • Develop a new service
  • Identify the help you need to move forward.     

Supervision and Therapeutic Support

Specialist clinical supervision can be offered to therapists and other mental health professionals individually or in groups.   

Supervision or wellbeing sessions can be offered to staff who work with refugees either in groups or individually.

CONTACT US: To discuss your needs and details of our fees, please start by completing a short training interest questionnaire.

“Excellent training! Gave me fresh ideas on how to work with this client group, and I have been able to look at this from a new perspective.”   
Staff member Doncaster IAPT