Leave a Gift in Your Will

If you support the work of Solace, please consider leaving a legacy in your will so our services will continue into the future.  All donations, big or small will be used carefully and thoughtfully for the benefit of refugees and asylum seekers. If you do leave a legacy in your will please use our charity registration number ,which is 1104507, to make it clear you wish to leave a gift to Solace.

If you would like to discuss any donation or gift please contact our Chief Executive, Kathryn Ashworth on (add phone number here when we get one)

We would love to know about the people who support us and we would be very happy to meet with you or chat about what we do on the phone.  We also distribute a newsletter twice per year and encourage all our supporters to contact us so they can be added to our mailing list.  Please do get in touch with our Chief Executive, Kathryn Ashworth by emailing kathryn@solace-uk.org.uk or call the Solace office on 0113 8246796.