Solace Child and Family Wellbeing Support Project

Specialist child and family therapy for refugee children who are part of the Syrian and Vulnerable Children’s Resettlement Programme

Free specialist child and family therapy is now available to refugee children and families who arrived as part of the Syrian Vulnerable Persons and Vulnerable Children’s Resettlement programmes.  This is a time limited project ending in March 2020, and is open to any eligible child and family regardless of the severity of their symptoms (i.e. there is no lower threshold).

Case workers and teachers can be the first to identify symptoms of trauma and emotional stress in refugee children. Their emotional and mental health may have been impacted by a range of issues, such as family separation and death, flight and resettlement.

Signs of stress or trauma in a child might include:

• Expressed feelings of guilt, panic or fear, showing startle responses (through verbal communication, play or drawings)

  • Difficulties with concentration or exhaustion from sleep disturbances
  • Changes in mood
  • Aggressive behaviour or over-reactiveness
  • Significant reluctance to talk about or excessive preoccupation with traumatic events
  • Social withdrawal and reluctance to engage with others or activities

Parents/carers may also report concerning behaviour at home to school staff. Referrals should be considered if symptoms are severe or persist for more than one month.

How can we help?

Our trained therapists and interpreters specialise in working with traumatised and disturbed refugee children and their families. Through early intervention and crisis point management, we help children feel safe and secure in their new environment. We support children in understanding and expressing themselves, enabling them to benefit from educational opportunities.

We can also support parents/carers and teachers to better understand, respond to and manage the child’s difficulties, as well as supporting parenting skills and family resiliency.

We can also run training sessions for teachers and help to put in place support strategies within the school.

What kind of support will students receive?
The therapy we offer is flexible in format and tailored to need, with additional family therapy available, where required. We will be offering an initial assessment, followed by up to 12 weeks psychological therapy, which may include individual and/ or family therapy. Therapy may be offered within the school setting and/or at an external venue in the region.

Training for schools who have resettlement children:

We can provide training and support for educational staff working with refugee children. We can help your school recognise symptoms and respond effectively to young people exhibiting emotional distress.

Training for school staff could include topics such as:

  • understanding the context and experience of this group of children and their families
  • the impact of trauma on children and family
  • how to best collaborate between agencies
  • identification of common issues in school
  • how to support creative school based interventions

To discuss possible training and support please contact us as below:

Phone: 0113 487 8360


To make a referral to the Child and Family Wellbeing Project in West and North Yorkshire

Your local service is delivered by Solace.
(Please note: Scarborough is supported by Haven)

Please telephone us on the number above to discuss a potential referral, or complete the referral form through the link below.  We will be happy to support you to complete a referral form, after discussing the case in more detail.

Before completing the form please ensure that you have discussed this referral with the child and their family and gained their permission to contact us.

The form is designed for one child plus their family members.  If there are other children that you are concerned about you can add them, and highlight them as being of concern.

If you are effectively referring two children it is best to make two separate referrals.  We will regard them as a family case, but the referral form can only handle details about one child at a time.

You can save the referral at any point, and you should be able to return to it, as long as you are on the same computer and browser. As there is no log in faculty your work will not save across different platforms, so we recommend you aim to complete the form in one sitting.

There are a number of compulsory fields, which we require in order to process the referral.  If you find that you cannot complete one of these and therefore get stuck please ring us and we will see if we can help.

This is a new form, so there may be initial glitches, for which we request your patience.  If your referral is successful you should get a message saying so and be returned to our website.  If you don’t get this message it is likely that your referral has not gone through.

Once we receive your referral we will acknowledge it (within a few working days) and then a therapist will contact you to discuss the client’s needs further.

To make a referral to the Child and Family Wellbeing Project please click HERE



Thank you

The Solace Child and Family Wellbeing Support Team


This project is a collaborative partnership across Yorkshire and Humber Sub-region between Migration Yorkshire and three organisations delivering services regionally. To contact the other services click on their names: Haven (East Yorkshire and the Humber), Refugee Council (South Yorkshire), Solace (West and North Yorkshire).