Stress Management Groups

Solace’s Stress Management Groups are therapeutic sessions that invite people from across Solace projects to practice muscle relaxation and calming breathing techniques together. The exercises are intended to teach tools for people to use during times of stress and crisis outside of their therapeutic sessions. The group is primarily experiential, where participants copy the techniques demonstrated by the therapist so only basic English will be required. 

The sessions are very popular, and at points we have had in excess of 30 participants practicing together. The group is welcoming and although many do not share a common language, there is a sense of belonging for regular attendees.

We currently run the sessions in Leeds and Sheffield/South Yorkshire, both are carried out over a group video call during the Covid-19 restrictions. Even on a phone or computer screen, the feeling of connection when people see a familiar face is apparent in all who join in. 

This group spans all the regional projects, and we welcome asylum seekers and refugees who are on the Solace waiting list, are currently attending therapy, or have completed their therapy.