Referral Process

Explaining to the person for referral that they will get the chance to discuss their needs might help them to consider the referral more positively.  Many people worry that therapy will be something ‘done to’ them rather than something that they have a part in. 

As a minimum it would be helpful for the person being referred to agree to explore the idea of talking about their difficulty with someone who is trained to help them find ways of improving their mental health.   

If the person is experiencing a lot of physical symptoms, pain for example, they could benefit from body therapy.  Please mention this on the referral form when appropriate.  

Once we receive your referral, we acknowledge it within 2 to 3 working days. We will let you know if for any reason we are unable to accept the referral.

Following a successful referral, we will add the referred person to the appropriate waiting list. The length of time that a person waits is dependent on which project they are eligible for depending on their circumstances. Certain projects may see the referred person allocated to a therapist with a couple of weeks, with other projects the wait can be considerably longer – we will let you know roughly what to expect.

Getting Started

At Solace we begin the first session by explaining what we offer and working with each person to decide if the therapy we offer is suitable for them. 

If you have any difficulty with the form or the information required please contact our admin team on 0113 8246796 who will be very happy to help you.  Alternatively you can email them on