Feeling disorientated and coming back to the present

“If you have a nightmare or a flashback, or if you suddenly feel overwhelmed, these exercises are helpful to remind yourself that you are safe in the present”

  • Coping with Stress

    Many refugees and asylum seekers feel stressed. This second video further develops your understanding the effects of stress and how to manage it

  • Grounding Techniques

    When having flashbacks or feeling confused, it helps to orientate your self back to the present by focusing on what is around you using your 5 senses. You can simply look around the room noticing and describing to yourself 3 to 5 things you see, hear and touch. You can also prepare your self by having several things to hand which may include things you can smell or taste as well. This exercise will guide you through it.

  • Technique for Coming Back to the Present

    “When we have lived with traumatic events for a long time, it is normal to get caught up in our thoughts and feelings and feel as though we are experiencing the situation again. When this happens, it can be helpful...more