Meet Solace’s new recruits to the region’s Children and Families Wellbeing team

Our four new therapists answer a few question about their background

  • What is your professional background and what role have you taken up at Solace?
  • What are your professional specialisms or interests?
  • What is you motivation for joining Solace?
  • Any hobbies or interests outside work?
Gayle Clark

Hello, my name is Gayle Clark, I am a BACP accredited counsellor using an integrative humanistic approach. I began my professional counselling career in 2008 working for the NHS in both secure and community settings then moved to the Specialist Therapy team, where I was also part of the Reflective Systemic Family Therapy team. In 2013 I worked for Haven, before recently joining Solace.

I am currently the Children and Families Wellbeing Therapist for the Hull area.

I incorporate mindfulness, relaxation techniques and body oriented approaches into my work to support clients to find safe ways to express themselves and integrate their experiences.

I enjoy working at Solace, the team are very supportive, knowledgeable and professional. I joined Solace during the lockdown and received a very warm welcome.

In my spare time, I enjoy Hot Yoga, walking my dog, crocheting and spending time with my son.  

Rosemary Palmeira

I have been a Social Worker and Psychotherapist for 30 years and have worked with Child Migrants and with Refugees and Asylum Seekers for 16 years.

My role in Solace is as Family & Child Psychotherapist for the Children & Families Wellbeing Service.

I specialize in Creative Therapies (eg Art, Writing, Music, Play), Trauma work, Creative Supervision, Mindfulness & Relaxation and Bereavement/Griefwork.

I joined Solace because I have experience and feel a vocation to working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

My outside interests are: oil painting, guitar playing/singing, poetry, prose and memoir writing and walking in nature and swimming.  Also connecting with family – three children and new granddaughter.

Brian Nilsson

I am a recently qualified child and adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapist with a background in working in children’s residential care and education.

My role at Solace is therapist on the Children and Families Wellbeing Support Project.

I hope to be able to offer a safe therapeutic home to people who might feel that their physical and/or psychological homes have been lost.  

Hobbies – I have a slightly strange obsession with the NFL (American football)!

Andrew Dolan

 My background – I worked my way up the career ladder working and entering further education at the same time I began my counselling and psychotherapy career in residential Drug and Alcohol services starting in support work and progressing into senior management. I worked in addiction services residential and community based for 15 years. I currently work for Time to Listen a not-for-profit organisation for 4 1/2 years working with families and children as a psychotherapist/counsellor and DDP practioner and alongside this I worked for the Haven for 6 months. I’m now a Solace Family Wellbeing practioner.

A former colleague who I used to work with recommended Solace, she spoke highly of the organisation’s values and treatment of its staff as well as the opportunity to work with the client base 

Hobbies – I have a dog called Ellie and she is one of my hobbies! Outside of work, going for walks also spending time with my family.