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Solace – About us

You can learn what Solace is all about in this 4-minute film.

One to one counsellingUnsurprisingly, a very high proportion of asylum seekers and refugees suffer from mental health problems, including anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress, which are often exacerbated by living in exile where their future is uncertain.

Despite widespread mental health problems, there is very little appropriate mental health care available to the vast majority of asylum seekers and refugees, particularly those who speak little or no English, which is why we work with interpreters in about half of all the therapy and advocacy sessions we offer.

We provide help in a number of ways to adults, children and families, including one-to-one counselling, group therapy, family therapy, anxiety and stress management and activities’ groups, as well as complementary therapies, such as massage and scaro-cranial massage to address physical pain and tension in the body.