Solace – Giving

Solace would not exist without financial support. By donating to Solace, you are, of course, helping the hundreds of clients we help. An alarmingly high number have told us that we have saved their lives.
So by donating to Solace, you are helping save more lives and turn a miserable existence into a life worth living.

Even a small donation can make a difference. Many of our clients live in a cashless economy which means, among other things, that they can’t get on a bus to come and see us, so we help them by paying the fare. It costs us thousands of pounds a year, but the alternative is that many of our clients would not be able to get the help from us they need.

There are many ways of donating to Solace from sending a cheque, a one-off online donation to a standing order or even running your own sponsored event as some of our supporters have done.

If you do make a gift (for those of you who are UK taxpayers), whether it is a one-off or a regular donation, it would help us if you filled in the gift aid form which means an additional 25% contribution to us above the amount you donate at no extra cost to you.

If you are interested in inviting any of the Solace staff, volunteers or clients coming to talk to a group, then please contact Kathryn Ashworth

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