Help through Crisis (ASAP)

In Leeds we accept referrals for clients who are in difficult circumstances in the asylum system, those who have not yet been granted status.  We recognise the impact that the asylum system has on clients who find themselves living in the gaps between asylum claims, appeals and fresh claims.  We take referrals for people who find themselves destitute or who are supported based on their health issues but have no ongoing asylum claim.  

This is due to funding of our ASAP project.  Clients who find themselves in these very difficult circumstances often need support that is tailored to their specific needs.  For example, they may need appointments that take into account difficulty travelling, they may need bus fares to be provided or they might need evidence of their mental health problems to support their claim in the form of reports and support letters.  

It is also important that the therapy is balanced to account for their lack of security in other parts of their life, for example, they may not be able to process trauma memories if they have a lack of security about where they will live or lack of food.  They might have some weeks where therapy is not progressive because they face significant practical challenges.  At Solace we are experienced and prepared to support clients who face such challenges in a person centred way.

In order to support ASAP clients we work closely with partner organisations to ensure that clients have a good network including practical support and legal advocacy.  We know from experience that such clients do better when they are supported in a network by more than one organisation.