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Update on our free training Understanding Refugee and Asylum Seeker Mental Health and its follow up course Effective Therapeutic Support for Asylum Seekers.

Although we have been delighted at the interest in registering for the course, we have run up against the issue of capacity to offer the course for free, as we are required to pay a subscription per learner in its platform, and we are now at capacity (after extending it considerably already).

We are committed to keeping the training free so we are in discussion with other public and voluntary sector organisations with their own eLearning platforms who would be willing to host the training for us to allow free public access.

There will likely be a bit of a delay now whilst we make those arrangements, so please hang on to your interest in doing the eLearning, we really want to share it! I will be back in touch again a soon as we are in a position to allow you access.

If you wish to receive updates of when the training is available again – please email

If any spaces become available on the current platform, i.e., if anyone has completed it and is happy to relinquish their access, I will register you (first come first serve) and you will be able to access it in its current format.

It is very frustrating for us to have run up against this delay, so we are working hard behind the scenes to solve the issue. Please bear with us.

Thanks so much for your interest.

Solace is delighted to launch two new free e-learning courses aimed at those who want to improve their support for the emotional wellbeing of asylum seekers and refugees. 

These courses have been developed with the intention of increasing access for refugees and asylum seekers to compassionate and impactful wellbeing support across the UK.  Our aim is to support a network of informed individuals and services and support learners to be a refugee mental health champion in their organisation.  We will encourage learners to continue their learning through community of practice meetings and consultancy support.

Understanding Refugee and Asylum Seeker Mental Health

The first course will provide you with an understanding of the issues affecting the mental health and wellbeing of asylum seekers and we would encourage anyone who may come into contact with people seeking sanctuary to undertake this training so you can provide effective help.  This course is designed to be worked on at your own pace, and we recommend committing one hour per week for 6 weeks to be able to complete it fully.

Effective Therapeutic Support for Asylum Seekers

This course is the second in our series, and is aimed at mental health
practitioners. It builds on course one. If you are relatively new to working
with asylum seekers, we recommend completing the first course before
starting course two.

The second course is aimed at mental health practitioners and will give you knowledge of the therapeutic issues refugees may bring, and how your practice can be adapted to make it appropriate for the very particular needs of this community.  This course is also designed to be worked on in small sections to allow time for personal reflection and learning.  Modules can be chosen according to your particular interest and expertise, and we recommend allowing a minimum of 8 hours in order to engage with the videos and resources. 

All of our courses are available here: