Making a referral

We are currently open to referrals for asylum seekers and refugees with mental health problems.

Most of our referrals come from GPs and other mental health professionals.

Where possible, we encourage other organisations and individuals, including people who may want to refer themselves, to make a referral through a GP. But please note that this is not essential.

You can download a referral form HERE. If you want to discuss a referral with us, please contact Anne Burghgraef on 0113 487 8362

As demand for Solace’ services exceeds our capacity, we attempt to prioritise those who are most vulnerable, including survivors of torture and the most traumatised.


Child and Family Well Being project


If you would like to refer to our Children and Family Wellbeing project which is for families who are part of the Resettlement Programmes, please see our specific information page about this project HERE

Currently there is a waiting list of about 3-6 months, for some areas this is longer. We encourage referrers to give as much relevant information as possible and to keep us informed of any changes in the referred client’s situation.

Solace is not a crisis service. We are unable to take responsibility for those with severe mental illness, but we are happy to work in partnership with colleagues in the National Health Service to help with the recovery, health and welfare of asylum seekers and refugees.

We welcome referrers to contact us for advice and support if required.