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Solace Interpreters

Solace works with about 70 freelance interpreters in both our therapy and advocacy sessions. Between them, the interpreters who work for us speak over 20 languages.

All our interpreters are trained by us to work in a therapeutic setting which is very different from working in most interpreting situations. Technical therapeutic language or legal and statutory sector jargon, client confidentiality, helping therapists understand the cultural context of the client they are working with, managing their own anxieties that may arise in a therapy session are just some of the issues that are addressed in our interpreting training sessions.

The most common languages we work in are Farsi, Arabic, Tigrinian, French, Kurdish, Turkish and Dari.
The languages we work in are entirely dependent on the clients we work with who are mostly from sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

If you are interested in working with us as an interpreter on a self employed basis please contact us for more information. or complete and return the application form here